Secret Sauce.

In the sea of sameness...

you MUST have a stand-out signature offer if you’re going to attract and convert your dream client. But how do you find this magic recipe for success? 


Secret Sauce will walk you step-by-step through how to create the ideal offerings for your ideal client… (hello, signature offer) and get them in front of the people who need ‘em, crave ‘em, gotta-have-’em.

There IS a way to make SURE every single offer you bake up in your business kitchen is DELICIOUS and DELECTABLE–for you and your ideal clients.

Your subscription gives you access to monthly resources to help you to start whipping up delicious offers you and your ideal clients LOVE,


Inside, you will learn how to create + launch your signature offer, mini bite-sized offers, and freebies to build your list, 


    The Secret Sauce Club is now open for you to join as a founding member for £10 p/m!



    • Live + Pre-Recorded Trainings
    • Support, Feedback + Accountability
    • One Q+A each month where you can bring your delicious offerings to the table for feedback
    • My "Secret Sauce" TRELLO boards to help you to concoct and organise your offerings + launches.



    If you want to create offerings you love, that your ideal clients can't get enough of, then this is for you.


    Join for just £10 per month

    (You can cancel anytime).

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